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SIDAS 2016 & VALSE 2016 Documents

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SIDAS 2016 & VALSE 2016

Since 2013, the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) has held an annual event of ChinaSIP in China for domestic and international scientists, researchers, and practitioners to network and discuss the latest progress in theoretical, technological, and educational aspects of signal and information processing. Complementing the SPS flagship conference ICASSP being held for the first time in Mainland China, SPS is holding a special 2016 forum being co-located and in collaboration with the VALSE 2016, a well received symposia series by the computer vision and learning community in China. The IEEE SPS 2016 Forum to be held in Wuhan, China, engages a broad community under the theme of “Signal and Data Science – Powering Our Digital Life”.  The IEEE SPS 2016 SIDAS Forum features keynote and invited talks, panel discussions for professional development, R&D demos, and highlight poster presentations of recent work published in highly selective journals and conferences. Presentation slides and posters are archived on SigPort.