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Clock synchronization over networks using sawtooth models

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Pol del Aguila Pla, Lissy Pellaco, Satyam Dwivedi, Peter Händel and Joakim Jaldén
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Pol del Aguila Pla
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17 May 2020 - 4:06pm
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Presentation Slides
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Pol del Aguila Pla
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Clock synchronization and ranging over a wireless network with low communication overhead is a challenging goal with tremendous impact. In this paper, we study the use of time-to-digital converters in wireless sensors, which provides clock synchronization and ranging at negligible communication overhead through a sawtooth signal model for round trip times between two nodes. In particular, we derive Cramér-Rao lower bounds for a linearitzation of the sawtooth signal model, and we thoroughly evaluate simple estimation techniques by simulation, giving clear and concise performance references for this technology.

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