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Digital Predistortion of Hardware Impairments for Full-Duplex Transceivers

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Andrew Austin, Orion Afisiadis, Andreas Burg
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Orion Afisiadis
Last updated:
12 November 2017 - 6:45pm
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Presentation Slides
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Orion Afisiadis
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Digital predistortion is applied to account for all significant
hardware impairments in a regeneration architecture full-duplex
transceiver. Compared to a conventional regeneration
architecture, where non-linearities are simply reconstructed
for cancellation, by predistorting we avoid these components
to achieve an improvement in both self-interference suppression
and signal quality. A new set of predistortion basis functions
is proposed for the cascade of baseband non-linearities,
mixer IQ imbalance, and power amplifier non-linear memory
effects. Experimental results on a hardware testbed operating
in the 2.4 GHz ISM band show that an additional 14 dB
analog suppression can be achieved using the proposed predistortion
basis over a 20 MHz bandwidth (compared to the
case without predistortion), leading to a total self-interference
suppression of 71.5 dB.

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