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An Entropy Coding Based on Binary Encoding for Mixed-Radix Digits

Citation Author(s):
Na Wang, Wei Yan, Sian-Jheng Lin, Yuliang Huang
Submitted by:
Na Wang
Last updated:
25 February 2022 - 3:08am
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Presentation Slides
Na Wang

The necessity of radix conversion of numeric data is an indispensable component in any complete analysis of digital computation. In this poster, we propose a binary encoding for mixed-radix digits. Second, a variant of rANS coding based on this conversion is given, which supports parallel decoding. The simulations show that the proposed coding in serial mode has a higher throughput than the baseline (with the speed-up factor about 2×) without loss of compression ratio, and it outperforms the existing 2-way interleaving implementation.

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In this poster, a BEMR is proposed by applying renormalization on radix conversion.Then based on BEMR, a variant of rANS coding is presented.