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Why should I use SigPort, instead of other open archives?

SigPort is tailored to Signal Processing (SP) topics and community’s needs. We sincerely invite you to watch this one minute introduction video: and this three-minute tutorial video: . You will see that the documents can receive private comments as feedback from registered users, thumbs-up from colleagues who “like” your work, and promotion (e.g. highlights, recommendations) monitored by the editorial broad. In future phases of development, attractive community building features may be added. At SPS conferences/workshops, SigPort can recommend related talks/posters/meetings to the attendees, as well as link attendees with matching interest. In addition, we envision that users can add special searchable tags such as: “looking for a job”, “willing to serve as volunteers” to their documents. Similar to some other open achieves, SigPort provides an early citable source and time-stamp with IEEE/SPS name-brand. The SigPort model has very low price mainly to cover the support/system cost for disseminating the work, and the authors retain all the rights such as further publications etc.