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Acquisition of Asynchronous Data and Parameter Estimation based on Double-Cross- Correlation Processor with Phase Transform (Demo at WASPAA 2021)

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Gerald Enzner
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Aleksej Chinaev
Last updated:
22 August 2022 - 3:03pm
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Aleksej Chinaev

Coherent processing of signals captured by a wireless acoustic sensor network (WASN) requires an estimation of such parameters as the sampling-rate and sampling-time offset (SRO and STO). The acquired asynchronous signals of such WASN exhibit an accumulating time drift (ATD) linearly growing with time and dependent on SRO and STO values. In our demonstration, we present a real WASN based on Respberry-Pi computers, where SRO and ATD values are estimated by using a double-cross-correlation processor with phase transfrom (DXCP-PhaT) recently proposed.

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