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Adaptive Near-Field Imaging with Robotic Arrays

Citation Author(s):
Chitra Karanam, Yasamin Mostofi
Submitted by:
Belal Korany
Last updated:
9 July 2018 - 5:22pm
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Belal Korany


In this paper, we are interested in phased-array
imaging of an unknown area using narrowband RF signals and
arrays synthesized by an unmanned vehicle. Typical phased
array imaging approaches use fixed or pre-determined array
configurations for imaging, which are not usually informative
for the whole area. In this paper, we then propose an iterative
adaptive imaging approach where we identify the uncertain
regions in an initial image that need to be sensed better, find
the optimal array location and orientation for such a sensing
task and finally combine the new image with the initial image
to obtain a better overall imaging quality. Such an approach is
easily enabled by using robots to synthesize arrays. We validate
our proposed approach with numerical simulations and show that
an adaptive approach improves the imaging quality as compared
to imaging with fixed arrays.

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