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Bayesian Design of Sampling Set for Bandlimited Graph Signals

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Xuan Xie
Last updated:
15 November 2019 - 8:03am
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Hui Feng


The design of sampling set (DoS) for bandlimited graph signals (GS) has been extensively studied in recent years, but few of them
exploit the benefits of the stochastic prior of GS. In this work, we introduce the optimization framework for Bayesian DoS of bandlimited GS. We also illustrate how the choice of di€erent sampling sets affects the estimation error and how the prior knowledge influences the result of DoS compared with the non-Bayesian DoS by the aid of analyzing Gershgorin discs of error metric matrix. Finally, based on our analysis, we propose a heuristic algorithm for DoS to avoid solving the optimization problem directly.

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