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Convolutional Filters and Neural Networks with Non Commutative Algebras

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Landon Butler
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11 April 2024 - 12:11pm
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In this paper we introduce and study the algebraic generalization of non commutative convolutional neural networks. We leverage the theory of algebraic signal processing to model convolutional non commutative architectures, and we derive concrete stability bounds that extend those obtained in the literature for commutative convolutional neural networks. We show that non commutative convolutional architectures can be stable to deformations on the space of operators. We develop the spectral representation of non commutative signal models to show that non commutative filters process Fourier components independently of each other. In particular we prove that although the spectral decompositions of signals in non commutative models are associated to eigenspaces of dimension larger than one, there exists a trade-off between stability and selectivity, which is controlled by matrix polynomial functions in spaces of matrices of low dimension. This tradeoff shows how when the filters in the algebra are restricted to be stable, there is a loss in discriminability that is compensated in the network by the pointwise nonlinearities. The results derived in this paper have direct applications and implications in non commutative convolutional architectures such as group neural networks, multigraph neural networks, and quaternion neural networks, for which we provide a set of numerical experiments showing their behavior when perturbations are present.

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