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Egok360: A 360 Egocentric Kinetic Human Activity Video Dataset

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Mario A. DeLaGarza, Ziliang Zong, Hugo Latapie, Yan Yan
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Keshav Bhandari
Last updated:
2 November 2020 - 10:59am
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Presentation Slides
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Keshav Bhandari
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Recently, there has been a growing interest in wearable sensors which provides new research perspectives for 360 ° video analysis. However, the lack of 360 ° datasets in literature hinders the research in this field. To bridge this gap, in this paper we propose a novel Egocentric (first-person) 360° Kinetic human activity video dataset (EgoK360). The EgoK360 dataset contains annotations of human activity with different sub-actions, e.g., activity Ping-Pong with four sub-actions which are pickup-ball, hit, bounce-ball and serve. To the best of our knowledge, EgoK360 is the first dataset in the domain of first-person activity recognition with a 360° environmental setup, which will facilitate the egocentric 360 ° video understanding. We provide experimental results and comprehensive analysis of variants of the two-stream network for 360 egocentric activity recognition. The EgoK360 dataset can be downloaded from

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