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Exploring Power Signatures for Location Forensics of Media Recordings;SP Cup 2016 Project Report by team "The Zenith"

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Vineeth Warrier,Harigovind V K,Sreenshan M S,Noufal P
Submitted by:
Unnikrishnan S Nath
Last updated:
24 August 2016 - 1:09am
Document Type:
Research Manuscript
Document Year:
Presenters Name:
The Zenith
Paper Code:
The Zenith:24514



This report presents the results to the challenge of
”Exploring Power Signatures for Location Forensics of Media
Recordings” as apart of Signal Processing Cup 2016 by IEEE
Signal Processing Society. Here we examine different frequency
estimation and classification techniques to provide accurate ENF
estimates and classify these signals into the corresponding grid
of recording. In this report we propose methods of efficient
extraction of ENF signal using quadratic interpolation and
frequency tracking.The SVM and GMM classifiers used provided
a classification accuracy of 80% on practice data set.The result
for testing dataset is also given.


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