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A Fast Multi-tree Partition Algorithm Based on Spatial-temporal Correlation for VVC

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HouYu Qian
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20 February 2022 - 1:52am
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Houyu Qian
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The quadtree nested multi-type trees (MTT) partitioning scheme is adopted by the latest generation of video coding standard H.266/VVC. While the performance of the encoder is improved, the complexity has increased by 2.2-5.6 times. It has been found that in the inter-coding mode, blocks with intense motion or complex texture tend to be further divided by the encoder. However, in the existing multi-tree partition algorithms, only the inter-frame motion information or intra-frame texture information has been utilized during partition. To further speed up the partition process, in this paper, a fast multi-tree partition algorithm is proposed based on both the spatial and temporal information. The motion characteristics and texture complexity of the current coding block are utilized simultaneously to determine whether the multi-tree partition can be terminated early. For the block that needs to be further divided, it is decided in advance that its partition direction is horizontal partition or vertical partition. The experimental results show that, compared with VTM-11.2, the coding time of the algorithm proposed in this paper can be saved by 24.42%, and the BD-rate only increases by 1.34%.

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