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Improved LZ77 Compression

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9 March 2021 - 1:51pm
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Cody (Yingquan) Wu
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Thanks for you talk!

I would like to ask one question and give two comments:
- Does it make sense to implement LZW with chaining? I thought the standard definition uses a trie. Of course, you can use hash fingerprints for faster navigation in the trie, but in the end, you want to find the longest match and therefore use the trie to navigate to a leaf. Can you elaborate on how your LZW approach works?
- It would be interesting to see an LZ77 factorization with an infinite window size (meaning without a window) to see how good the compression can actually become.
- Finally, about the "shorter hash chains", are you aware about the paper "Improving the Speed of LZ77 Compression by Hashing and Suffix Sorting" from Sadakane and Imai? (