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An Improved Multi-reference Frame Loop Filter Algorithm Based on Transformer for VVC

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Zhi Liu, Yunpeng Duan, Mengmeng Zhang
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Yunpeng Duan
Last updated:
2 March 2022 - 6:25am
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Yunpeng Duan
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Deep learning methods have been achieving good results at the in-loop filtering stage in Versatile Video Coding(VVC). The Multi-Frame In-Loop Filter of HEVC (MIF) algorithm is one of the networks that effectively utilizes the multiple reference frames to enhance the quality of reconstruction. However, it has the disadvantages of low efficiency of the reference frame selection, and its quality enhancement network does not fully utilize the inter-frame correlations of the video sequence and has large redundancy. To address these problems, an improved multi-reference frame loop filter algorithm based on transformer optimization (T-MIF) is proposed.

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