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Information on the MAST ENF Power Signature Dataset

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Adi Hajj-Ahmad
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24 October 2016 - 4:19pm
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Description of Database/Benchmark
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At the intersection of signal processing and information forensics, the Signal Processing Cup 2016 global competition has explored a time-varying location-dependent signature of power grids that can be intrinsically captured in media recordings. This signature is called the Electric Network Frequency (ENF) signals. Throughout the SP Cup 2016 competition, participants were provided with multiple training, practice, and testing datasets that consisted of recordings made in different grids and containing ENF traces. Participants were asked to extract the ENF signals from the recordings and use them to build a classification system that seeks to identify the grid-of-origin of an ENF-containing recording.

Information on the dataset used for this competition can be found here, and the dataset can be downloaded at DataPort through:

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