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A multi-channel/multi-speaker interactive 3D Audio-Visual Speech Corpus in Mandarin

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Jun Yu, Rongfeng Su, Lan Wang, Wenpeng Zhou
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Rongfeng Su
Last updated:
14 October 2016 - 10:40am
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Presentation Slides
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Rongfeng Su
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This paper presents a multi-channel/multi-speaker 3D audiovisual
corpus for Mandarin continuous speech recognition and
other fields, such as speech visualization and speech synthesis.
This corpus consists of 24 speakers with about 18k utterances,
about 20 hours in total. For each utterance, the audio
streams were recorded by two professional microphones in
near-field and far-field respectively, while a marker-based 3D
facial motion capturing system with six infrared cameras was
used to acquire the 3D video streams. Besides, the corresponding
2D video streams were captured by an additional camera as
a supplement. A data process is described in this paper for synchronizing
audio and video streams, detecting and correcting
outliers, and removing head motions during recording. Finally,
results about data process are also discussed. As so far, this
corpus is the largest 3D audio-visual corpus for Mandarin.

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3D Audio-Visual Speech Corpus in Mandarin