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An optimal symmetric threshold strategy for remote estimation over the collision channel

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Xu Zhang, Marcos M. Vasconcelos, Wei Cui, Urbashi Mitra
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13 May 2020 - 9:00pm
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Xu Zhang
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A wireless sensing system with n sensors, observing independent and identically distributed continuous random variables with a symmetric probability density function, and one non-collocated estimator acting as a fusion center is considered. The sensors transmit information to the fusion center via a limited capacity communication medium modeled by a collision channel. It is assumed that there is no communication among the sensors prior to transmission, and the collision channel allows at most k<n simultaneous transmissions. Assuming that each sensor uses a symmetric threshold communication strategy, the problem of designing a threshold that minimizes a mean-squared error criterion is considered. Theoretical analysis shows the existence and uniqueness of the optimal threshold for this optimization problem.

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