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Scene Text Aware Image Retargeting

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Diptiben Patel, Shanmuganathan Raman
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Diptiben Patel
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14 November 2019 - 8:02am
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Diptiben Patel
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Extensive use of text labels and symbols available in the digital media for interpretation and communication of information has gained a lot of attention in the era of digital media. Access of the images with scene text in it through different display devices tend to deform the scene text region while resizing for better viewing experience. We propose an image retargeting operator, which is aware of the scene text present in the image. We perform the normal seam carving depending on the content of the image for the non-text region. We find the target size of each scene text region during the seam carving process. Having the location and the size of the scene text region in the retargeted image, we perform content-aware warping for every scene text region in the image. We evaluate the performance of the proposed scene text aware image retargeting operator using image retargeting quality assessment metric for visual retargeting quality and text recognition efficiency for text readability. We show the quality of the proposed approach through results and discussion.

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