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Steganography and its Detection in JPEG Images Obtained with the “Trunc” Quantizer

Citation Author(s):
Jan Butora, Jessica Fridrich
Submitted by:
Jan Butora
Last updated:
13 May 2020 - 5:02pm
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Presentation Slides
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Jan Butora


Many portable imaging devices use the operation of “trunc” (rounding towards zero) instead of rounding as the final quantizer for computing DCT coefficients during JPEG compression. We show that this has rather profound consequences for steganography and its detection. In particular, side-informed steganography needs to be redesigned due to the different nature of the rounding error. The steganographic algorithm J-UNIWARD becomes vulnerable to steganalysis with the JPEG rich model and needs to be adjusted for this source. Steganalysis detectors need to be retrained since a steganalyst unaware of the existence of the trunc quantizer will experience 100% false alarm.

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