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Supplementary Material: Latent Enhancing AutoEncoder for Occluded Image Classification

Citation Author(s):
Ketan Kotwal, Tanay Deshmukh, Preeti Gopal
Submitted by:
Ketan Kotwal
Last updated:
7 February 2024 - 9:32am
Document Type:
supplementary material

This document provides supplementary material for the paper titled “Latent Enhancing AutoEncoder for Occluded Image Classification” submitted to the regular track of the ICIP 2024. This document consists of details of the architecture of the LEARN, illustration of improvements in inter-class differentiability in latent space for OccludedPASCAL3D+ dataset (hereafter referred to as Pascal), and detailed classification results. Some of this content was omitted from the manuscript due to brevity, however it will be helpful for readers to comprehend the ideas and results presented in the paper.

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