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Symbol-asynchronous transmission in multibeam satellite user down-link: rate regions for novel superposition coding schemes

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Nele Noels, Marc Moeneclaey, Tomas Ramirez, Carlos Mosquera, Marius Caus, Adriano Pastore
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Nele Noels
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26 November 2018 - 5:13pm
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Presentation Slides
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We consider the forward link of a multibeam satellite system with
high spectral reuse and the novel low-complexity transmission and
detection strategies from [1]. More specifically, we study the impact
of a time offset between the antenna beams that cooperate to
simultaneously serve a given user. Assuming Gaussian signaling,
we provide closed-form expressions for the achievable rate region.
It is demonstrated that, in the absence of timing information at the
gateway, this region is not affected by a time offset. Our numerical
results further show that, in case timing is known at the gateway,
an offset of half a symbol period at both user terminals is optimal
in terms of spectral efficiency.

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