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Symbol-Level Precoding Design for Max-Min SINR in Multiuser MISO Broadcast Channels

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Alireza Haqiqatnejad, Farbod Kayhan, Björn Ottersten
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Alireza Haqiqatnejad
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20 June 2018 - 9:14am
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Alireza Haqiqatnejad
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In this paper, we address the symbol level precoding (SLP) design problem under max-min SINR criterion in the downlink of multiuser multiple-input single-output (MISO) channels. First, we show that the distance preserving constructive interference regions (DPCIR) are always polyhedral angles (shifted pointed cones) for any given constellation point with unbounded decision region. Then we prove that any signal in a given unbounded DPCIR has a norm larger than the norm of the corresponding vertex if and only if the convex hull of the constellation contains the origin. Using these properties, we show that the power of the noiseless received signal lying on an unbounded DPCIR is an strictly increasing function of two parameters. This allows us to reformulate the originally non-convex SLP max-min SINR as a convex optimization problem. We discuss the loss due to our proposed convex reformulation and provide some simulation results.

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