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On Training Bi-directional Neural Network Language Model with Noise Contrastive Estimation

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Tianxing He, Yu Zhang, Jasha Droppo, Kai Yu
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Tianxing He
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16 October 2016 - 11:45am
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Tianxing He
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Although uni-directional recurrent neural network language
model(RNNLM) has been very successful, it’s hard to train a
bi-directional RNNLM properly due to the generative nature of
language model. In this work, we propose to train bi-directional
RNNLM with noise contrastive estimation(NCE), since the
properities of NCE training will help the model to acheieve
sentence-level normalization. Experiments are conducted on
two hand-crafted tasks on the PTB data set: a rescore task and
a sanity test. Although(regretfully), the model trained by NCE
did not out-perform the baseline uni-directional NNLM, it is
shown that NCE-trained bi-directional NNLM behaves well in
the sanity test and outperformed the one trained by conventional
maximum likelihood training on the rescore task.

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