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Video-Decoder Power Consumption on Android Devices: Power-Estimation Method, Dataset Creation, and Analysis Results

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Roman Kazantsev
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4 March 2021 - 5:36pm
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Presentation Slides
Roman Kazantsev


This paper presents a software-based method for estimating the power consumption of video decoders on various Android devices. Using this method, we developed an automatic system that consists of the VEQE Android application to measure the power consumption of video decoders and a server to collect the metrics. The system allowed us to create power-consumption and decoding-speed dataset for video decoders operating on 236 devices, representing 147 models. The paper presents several charts: the top 30 models and video decoders in terms of power efficiency for playback and for decoding only, as well as video-decoder ratings by power consumption and decoding speed for a given device model.

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