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Lei Wang

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The Australian National University and Data61/CSIRO
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PhD student at ANU and Data61/CSIRO, Visiting Researcher at CSSE/UWA
Machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, deep learning
Lei Wang received the M.E. degree in software engineering from University of Western Australia (UWA), Australia, in 2018. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree with Australian National University (ANU) and Data61/CSIRO. Since 2018, he has been a full-time Computer Vision Researcher with iCetana Pty Ltd. He was a Visiting Researcher in Machine Learning Research Group at Data61/CSIRO (former NICTA). He is also a Visiting Researcher with the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, UWA. His research interests include anomaly detection, human action modeling, meta learning and machine learning. Lei is an IEEE Student Member.

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