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3D localized sound zone generation with a planar omni-directional loudspeaker array

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Takuma Okamoto
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17 October 2019 - 1:25am
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Takuma Okamoto

This paper provides a 3D localized sound zone generation method using a planar omni-directional loudspeaker array. In the proposed method, multiple co-centered circular arrays are arranged on the horizontal plane and an additional loudspeaker is located at the array’s center. The sound field produced by this center loudspeaker is then cancelled using the multiple circular arrays. A localized 3D sound zone can thus be generated inside a sphere with a maximum radius of that of the circular arrays because the residual sound field is contained within the sphere. The resulting sound fields are decomposed into spherical harmonic spectra and the driving function of the array is then obtained. Compared with the conventional approach that uses monopole pairs to control the even and odd spherical harmonic spectrum components, the proposed method can be simply realized with a practical planar omni-directional array because it is sufficient to control the 0-th order component. Computer simulations confirm the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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