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Dynamic Point Cloud Interpolation

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Anique Akhtar, Zhu Li, Geert Van Der Auwera, Jianle Chen
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Anique Akhtar
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10 May 2022 - 10:35pm
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Anique Akhtar
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Dense photorealistic point clouds can depict real-world dynamic objects in high resolution and with a high frame rate. Frame interpolation of such dynamic point clouds would enable the distribution, processing, and compression of such content. In this work, we propose a first point cloud interpolation framework for photorealistic dynamic point clouds. Given two consecutive dynamic point cloud frames, our framework aims to generate intermediate frame(s) between them. The proposed deep learning framework has three major components: the encoder module, the fusion network, and the multi-scale point cloud synthesis module. The encoder module extracts multi-scale features from two consecutive frames. The fusion network employs a novel 4D feature learning technique to merge the multi-scale features from consecutive frames. Finally, the multi-scale point cloud synthesis module hierarchically reconstructs the interpolated point cloud intermediate frame at different resolutions. We evaluate our framework on high-resolution point cloud datasets used in MPEG, JPEG Pleno, and AVS standards. The quantitative and qualitative results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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