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Efficient Storage of Images onto DNA Using Vector Quantization

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Melpomeni Dimopoulou, Marc Antonini
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Melpomeni Dimopoulou
Last updated:
2 April 2020 - 5:05am
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The archiving of digital data is becoming very challenging as conventional electronic devices wear out in time leaving at stake any data that has been stored in them. Therefore, data migration is necessary every 5-10 years. A great percentage of this stored data is "cold", which means that it is very rarely accessed but needs to be safely stored into back-up drives for security and compliance reasons. Unfortunately, the maintenance and replacement of back-up tape drives in big data centers is very expensive both in terms of money and energy. DNA data storage is a new evolving technique which proposes an efficient and eco-friendly solution while also promising data longevity due to the use of DNA as a means of digital data archiving. This work presents a new encoding workflow for the encoding of digital images into synthetic DNA which uses efficient compression techniques to allow reduction of the DNA synthesis cost.

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