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Frame-Level Multi-Label Playing Technique Detection Using Multi-Scale Network and Self-Attention Mechanism

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Dichucheng Li
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28 May 2023 - 12:32am
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Dichucheng Li
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Instrument playing technique (IPT) is a key element of musical presentation. However, most of the existing works for IPT detection only concern monophonic music signals, yet little has been done to detect IPTs in polyphonic instrumental solo pieces with overlapping IPTs or mixed IPTs. In this paper, we formulate it as a framelevel multi-label classification problem and apply it to Guzheng, a Chinese plucked string instrument. We create a new dataset, Guzheng Tech99, containing Guzheng recordings and onset, offset, pitch, IPT annotations of each note. Because different IPTs vary a lot in their lengths, we propose a new method to solve this problem using multi-scale network and self-attention. The multi-scale network extracts features from different scales, and the self-attention mechanism applied to the feature maps at the coarsest scale further enhances the long-range feature extraction. Our approach outperforms existing works by a large margin, indicating its effectiveness in IPT detection.

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