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ICASSP 2018 Tutorial T11 Natual and Augmented Listening for VR/AR/MR

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Rishabh Ranjan, Rishabh Gupta
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Jianjun HE
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18 April 2018 - 12:04am
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Woon-Seng Gan, Jianjun He, Rishabh Ranjan, Rishabh Gupta
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This tutorial aims to equip the participants with basic and advanced signal processing techniques that can be used in VR/AR applications to create a natural and augmented listening experience using headsets.
This tutorial is divided into 5 sections and cover following topics:
Introduction to spatial audio, fundamentals in natural listening, and emerging audio applications
Audio Reproduction in the New VR/AR world: This section will cover audio processing, rendering and auralization for various audio formats, including object-based, channel-based, and ambisonics. Special focus will be given on role of acoustic modelling based on 3D models in VR/AR environment for immersive audio.
Binaural Rendering of 3D audio in headsets. Binaural audio has evolved to be the main audio reproduction methods for VR/AR. In this section, we will cover how we can recreate the most natural binaural sound over headphones using various signal processing techniques. Topics covered include: HRTF measurements and individualization, headphones equalization, head tracking, and finally integrating these techniques into 3D audio headphones for VR applications.
Augmented reality audio in Headsets: Natural listening in augmented reality scenario will be covered. One of the primary goals of augmented reality audio is the fusion of virtual sources with real sources and environment. Techniques covered are hearing through of headphones, adaptive equalization of headphones, acoustic environment identification and rendering, active noise control with integrated 3D audio for headsets, and assistive listening devices.
Summary of the tutorial and point out the future trends of immersive audio in headsets. Demos will be presented.

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