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Parameter Identifiability of Spatial-Smoothing-Based Bistatic MIMO Radar

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Fangqing Wen, Yongxiang Liu, Qinmu Shen, Zhihui Li, Zhen Liu
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Junpeng Shi
Last updated:
22 June 2021 - 10:04am
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Junpeng Shi
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Diversity smoothing has been widely developed for angle estimation with bistatic multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radar in the presence of coherent targets, the parameter identifiability of which is an important issue. In this paper, we are devoted to establishing more accurate conditions by studying the positive definiteness of smoothed target covariance matrix. The antenna numbers of transmit and receive arrays are derived as functions of the target number and target structure. We show that the new results improve upon previous ones and recover them in special cases. Simulation results are presented that corroborate our theoretical findings.

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