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On Random Editing in LZ-End

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Daniel Roodt, Ulrich Speidel, Vimal Kumar, Ryan K. L. Ko
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Daniel Roodt
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25 February 2021 - 6:15pm
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Daniel Roodt



LZ-End is a variant of the LZ77 compression algorithm which allows random access to the compressed data. In this paper, we show how the random-access capability of LZ-End allows random edits to the compressed data, which is the first algorithm to randomly edit strings compressed by a Lempel-Ziv algorithm.

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Thanks for the talk. Your approach embedding yourself into the slide presentation looks very sophisticated (and maybe complicated?).
Nevertheless, I've a small question regarding the upper bound on the edit on the LZ-End parsing with a sliding window:
I think that you meant $l$ to be the length of the decoded string within the sliding window where the edit took place.
Otherwise, if $l$ is the entire string length, then there is no dependency on the sliding window size.

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