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Reduction of Poisson noise in coded exposure photography

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Toshiyuki Yoshida
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Chihiro Tsutake
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4 October 2018 - 7:03pm
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Chihiro Tsutake
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Coded exposure photography (CEP), originally proposed by Raskar et al., has been known as one of the promising techniques for motion deblurring. In this area, much efforts have been made for designing a fluttered shutter sequence to shape the spectrum of a uniformly motion-blurred image into an invertible one. Since the duty cycle of the fluttered shutters proposed thus far is generally low, the number of photons entering into an image sensor is reduced, which leads to a large Poisson noise in a low lighting condition. In the existing design techniques for the fluttered shutter, an increase of the duty cycle leads to a failure in the motion deblurring due to the singularities in the Fourier domain. To overcome the difficulty, this paper proposes a new motion deblurring framework using a higher duty-cycle fluttered shutter and a compressed sensing technique. The experimental results given in this paper demonstrate that the proposed technique is advantageous over a conventional one, in particular in a low lighting condition.


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