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Scalable Coding of Motion and Depth Fields with Shared Breakpoints

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Reji Mathew, Yue Li, David Taubman
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Reji Mathew
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20 September 2021 - 12:49am
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Presentation Slides
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Reji Mathew
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A new breakpoint adaptive DWT, referred to as tri-break, is currently
being considered by standardization efforts in relation to JPEG 2000
Part 17 extensions. We first provide a summary of the tri-break transform
and then explore its performance for coding motion fields. Experimental
results show that significant gains can be achieved for
coding piecewise smooth motion flows by employing the tri-break
transform. We demonstrate the feasibility of utilising a common set
of breakpoints for compressing depth maps and motion fields anchored
at the same frame. We also extend prior work to decode
motion vector fields directly onto a triangular mesh, enabling operations
such as view warping to be defined on triangular cells which
can be efficiently processed by GPU based architectures.

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