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SiamCLIM: Text-Based Pedestrian Search via Multi-modal Siamese Contrastive Learning

Citation Author(s):
Shuyang Wu,Leiping Jie,Xinxin Zuo,Hui Zhang
Submitted by:
Runlin Huang
Last updated:
17 November 2023 - 12:05pm
Document Type:
Presentation Slides
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Runlin Huang

Text-based pedestrian search (TBPS) aims at retrieving target persons from the image gallery through descriptive text queries. Despite remarkable progress in recent state-of-the-art approaches, previous works still struggle to efficiently extract discriminative features from multi-modal data. To address the problem of cross-modal fine-grained text-to-image, we proposed a novel Siamese Contrastive Language-Image Model (SiamCLIM). The model implements textual description and target-person interaction through deep bilateral projection, and siamese network structure to capture the relationship between text and image. Experiments show that our model significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art methods on cross-modal fine-grained matching tasks. We conduct the downstream task experiments on the benchmark dataset CUHK-PEDES and the experimental results demonstrate that our model is state-of-the-art and outperforms the current methods by 11.55%, 11.02%, and 7.76% in terms of top-1, top-5, and top-10 accuracy,

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