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Variable Projection for Multiple Frequency Estimation

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Yuneisy E. Garcia Guzman, Péter Kovács, Mario Huemer
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Péter Kovács
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6 May 2020 - 3:40pm
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Presentation Slides
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Yuneisy E. Garcia Guzman
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The estimation of the frequencies of multiple complex sinusoids in the presence of noise is required in many applications such as sonar, speech processing, communications, and power systems. This problem can be reformulated as a separable nonlinear least squares problem (SNLLS). In this paper, such formulation is derived and a variable projection (VP) optimization is proposed for solving the SNLLS problem and estimate the frequency parameters. We also apply a lethargy type theorem for quantifying the difficulty of the optimization. Moreover, an alternative procedure that speeds up the computation of the exact gradient is presented. Simulation results reveal that the proposed algorithm outperforms existing methods in terms of the MSE.

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