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SigPort is tailored to Signal Processing (SP) topics and community’s needs. We sincerely invite you to watch this one minute introduction video: and this three-minute tutorial video: . You will see that the documents can receive private comments as feedback from registered users, thumbs-up from colleagues who “like” your work, and promotion (e.g. highlights, recommendations) monitored by the editorial broad. In future phases of development,...

An image becomes a part of the "cover page" of your document. In this short tutorial,  you will see three easy ways to get a nice image for your document. 


SigPort will be an affordable but not-free service. This has several benefits. First, it covers the operating cost which is non-trivial (for example, the popular arXiv service has an annual operating cost of about $1M and has been exploring options for financial sustainability). Second, this is an inherent quality control mechanism to mitigate abuse (such abuse would otherwise be prevalent in no-cost options and would require a large amount of dedicated resources to handle). It will be costly to spam SigPort, and users are encouraged to upload the best of their work. Certainly, the fee...

You can send emails to We have also created a Piazza site for SigPort questions and suggestions. If you are our initial trial users, you should have received the Piazza account information. 

Only registered users can give thumbs-up (“like”) to a document. The thumbs-up can be seen by all registered users.

Only registered users can give comments to a document. Such comments are only seen by the author (user who uploaded the document), unless the author chooses to make such comments view-able by other registered users.

Signal Processing Repository (SigPort) is an online repository of manuscripts, reports, technical white papers, theses, and supporting materials. Created and supported by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), SigPort collects technical material of interests to the broad signal processing community. It hosts material to help individuals obtain early and broad exposure on their work.


• Verifiable record with time stamp and unique citable URL
• Your Document, Your Rights -- free to publish in conferences and journals
• Citable through...

Thumbs-up does NOT mean that you have read the documents and endorese the content of the document. Instead, you can thumbs-up a document if (a) you like the topic or issues addressed in the document and (b) would like to read it if you have time.   If you have carefully read the documents and would like to endorse the content of the document, you can surely thumbs-up and leave comments. 

To report objectionable content on SigPort please contact us.

If you would like to contact the author, you may do so by leaving a comment on the document page or clicking on the 'Send Author a Private Message' link also found on the document page.

Yes. Documents on SigPort are open access documents. In other words, users can download documents from SigPort for free.

For a limited period of trial use, SigPort uploads are free. When in full operation, SigPort will charge a moderate fee for each document upload, and SPS members may have a discount rate and potentially some complimentary uploads (e.g., after annual membership renewal, and/or as a token of appreciation of substantial services).

Absolutely no. SigPort features different types of academic content, such as tutorials, teaching materials, conference presentations slides and posters, and various type of introductions (e.g. to new initiatives, patents, databases, research labs etc).

No. SigPort allow content from industry, such as introduction to new products, industry trends, patents, whitepapers, etc.

Yes. The upload cost for one document is $50 for SPS members and $100 for nonmembers, if a user does not input a coupon code. (The pricing may change and will not be retroactively adjusted.)

Simply click the “submit your work” tab, and follow the instructions on this page. Also, please review detailed instructions on uploading documents to SigPort (478).

  1. Login using the account you used to upload your document.
  2. Once you login, you should see a list of your documents. If you are already logged in, you may access your documents by clicking My Documents at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the document you want to edit, and then click the EDIT button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You may then edit the document and/or upload a new file.

If you already have an IEEE web account, you can use the same username and password to sign in Sigport. All IEEE members should already have their IEEE web account.
If you do not have an IEEE web account, you can create an IEEE website (without being an IEEE member) at

We hope our FAQ will be helpful in answering most of your questions. However, SigPort is still under development and you may encounter questions or issues we have not anticipated.

In that case, please visit our Piazza Page. The Piazza platform gives you resources on frequently asked questions and usage tips, and allows you to post questions and/or answers about your experience with the system.

The prototype is still new and many details are to be ironed out. We thank you for your patience and understandings! Together, we can shape this initiative and bring...

Below the abstract of each document, you will see a thumbs up sign, which allows registered users to “like” this document. All other registered users can see who have “liked” a document.

The procedure and criteria for selecting highlight documents will be the editorial board's decision. We envision that the editorial broad will consider various factors, including the number of download and thumbs-up.

You can view Sigport the documents without logging in. However, for uploading documents, giving comments and thumbs-up, and other functions, you need to log in. If you already have an IEEE web account, you can use the same username and password to log in Sigport. All IEEE members should already have their IEEE web account. If you do not have an IEEE web account, you can create an IEEE website (without being an IEEE member) at

No, you don’t have to upload a picture for each document. If you don’t upload a picture, we will use the default picture. It is highly desirable that the highlighted documents use non-default pictures.

SigPort is not a job searching service. However, we envision that users can add a special searchable tag: “looking for a job”, to their documents. This will facilitate industrial users to find talents.

No, but you can include a link to your video in the document abstract.

We ask that you refrain from uploading already copyrighted material, such as the published version of your paper; instead, you may upload manuscripts/pre-prints, and If your paper is published, provide a link in the document description/abstract field to the publisher’s website through which a final version can be found (for example, this can be a DOI link that would lead to your paper on the IEEE Xplorer). It's the uploader's responsibility to manage copyright issues. SigPort retains the right to remove copyrighted material and inappropriate content that are brought to the SigPort's...

A: The registered users can give comments to documents.

Yes. When you view a document, you can subscribe to this page, and/or subscribe to the content in a particular technical area.