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Signal Processing Repository (SigPort) is an online archive of manuscripts, reports, theses, and supporting materials. Created and supported by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), SigPort collects technical material of interests to the broad signal processing community.
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  • Sparse Modeling

    Sparse Modeling in Image Processing and Deep LearningSparse approximation is a well-established theory, with a profound impact on the fields of signal and image processing.

  • Immersive Optical-See-Through Augmented Reality (Keynote Talk)

    Immersive Optical-See-Through Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality has been getting ready for the last 20 years, and is finally becoming real, powered by progress in enabling technologies such as graphics, vision,...

  • Counting Plants Using Deep Learning

    In this paper we address the task of counting crop plants in a field using CNNs. The number of plants in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) image of the field is estimated using regression instead of classification.

  • BAFT: Binary Affine Feature Transform

    We introduce BAFT, a fast binary and quasi affine invariant local image feature. It combines the affine invariance of Harris Affine feature descriptors with the speed of binary descriptors such as BRISK and ORB.

  • Probabilistic Approach to People-Centric Photo Selection and Sequencing

    We present a crowdsourcing (CS) study to examine how specific attributes probabilistically affect the selection and sequencing of images from personal photo collections. 13 image attributes are...

  • Heart Sound Segmentation using Switching Linear Dynamical Models

    Localization of exact positions of the fundamental heart sounds (FHS) is an essential step towards automatic analysis of heart sound phonocardiogram (PCG) recordings, the automatic segmentation allows for data-...