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Channel Estimation and Low-complexity Beamforming Design for Passive Intelligent Surface Assisted MISO Wireless Energy Transfer

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Deepak Mishra, Håkan Johansson
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Deepak Mishra
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8 May 2019 - 4:49am
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Deepak Mishra
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Usage of passive intelligent surface (PIS) is emerging as a low-cost green alternative to massive antenna systems for realizing high energy beamforming (EB) gains. To maximize its realistic utility, we present a novel channel estimation (CE) protocol for PIS-assisted energy transfer (PET) from a multiantenna power beacon (PB) to a single-antenna energy harvesting (EH) user. Noting the practical limitations of PIS and EH user, all computations are carried out at PB having required active components and radio resources. Using these estimates, near-optimal analytical active and passive EB designs are respectively derived for PB and PIS, that enable efficient PET over a longer duration of coherence block. Nontrivial design insights on relative significance of array size at PIS and PB are also provided. Numerical results validating theoretical claims against the existing benchmarks demonstrate that with sufficient passive elements at PIS, we can achieve desired EB gain with reduced active array size at PB.


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