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Compact Representation of Spatial Hierarchies and Topological Relationships

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José Fuentes-Sepúlveda, Diego Gatica, Gonzalo Navarro, M. Andrea Rodríguez, Diego Seco
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Jose Fuentes-Se...
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1 March 2021 - 8:48am
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Diego Gatica



The topological model for spatial objects identifies common boundaries between regions, explicitly storing adjacency relations, which not only improves the efficiency of topology-related queries, but also provides advantages such as avoiding data duplication and facilitating data consistency. Recently, a compact representation of the topological model based on planar graph embeddings was proposed. In this article, we provide an elegant generalization of such a representation to support hierarchies of vector objects, which better fits the multi-granular nature of spatial data, such as the political and administrative partition of a country. This representation adds a small space on top of the succinct base representation of each granularity, while efficiently answering new topology-related queries between objects not necessarily at the same level of granularity.

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