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Dialog State Tracking and Action Selection Using Deep Learning Mechanism for Interview Coaching

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Ming-Hsiang Su, Kun-Yi Huang, Tsung-Hsien Yang, Kuan-Jung Lai and Chung-Hsien Wu
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Chung-Hsien Wu
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22 November 2016 - 11:33pm
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Presentation Slides
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Ming-Hsiang Su


The best way to prepare for an interview is to review the different types of possible interview questions you will be asked during an interview and practice responding to questions. An interview coaching system tries to simulate an interviewer to provide mock interview practice simulation sessions for the users. The traditional interview coaching systems provide some feedbacks, including facial preference, head nodding, response time, speaking rate, and volume, to let users know their own performance in the mock interview. But most of these systems are trained with insufficient dialog data and provide the pre-designed interview questions. In this study, we propose an approach to dialog state tracking and action selection based on deep learning methods. First, the interview corpus in this study is collected from 12 participants, and is annotated with dialog states and actions. Next, a long-short term memory and an artificial neural network are employed to predict dialog states and the Deep RL is adopted to learn the relation between dialog states and actions. Finally, the selected action is used to generate the interview question for interview practice. To evaluate the proposed method in action selection, an interview coaching system is constructed. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed method for dialog state tracking and action selection.

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