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DVDnet: A Fast Network for Deep Video Denoising Slides

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Matias Tassano, Julie Delon, Thomas Veit
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Matias Tassano
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10 September 2019 - 4:21pm
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Presentation Slides
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Matias Tassano
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This document includes the slides of the ICIP2019 presentation of the publication "DVDnet: A Fast Network for Deep Video Denoising".

Abstract of the publication:
In this paper, we propose a state-of-the-art video denoising algorithm based on a convolutional neural network architecture. Previous neural network based approaches to video denoising have been unsuccessful as their performance cannot compete with the performance of patch-based methods. However, our approach outperforms other patch-based competitors with significantly lower computing times. In contrast to other existing neural network denoisers, our algorithm exhibits several desirable properties such as a small memory footprint, and the ability to handle a wide range of noise levels with a single network model. The combination between its denoising performance and lower computational load makes this algorithm attractive for practical denoising applications. We compare our method with different state-of-art algorithms, both visually and with respect to objective quality metrics. The experiments show that our algorithm compares favorably to other state-of-art methods. Video examples, code and models are publicly available at \url{}.

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