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Homomorphic Two Tier Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted 3D Objects

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Bianca Jansen van Rensburg, Pauline Puteaux, William Puech, Jean-Pierre Pedeboy
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Bianca Jansen v...
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27 September 2021 - 3:59am
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Presentation Slides
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Bianca Jansen van Rensburg
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Today, 3D objects are an increasingly popular form of media. It has become necessary to secure them during their transmission or archiving. In this paper, we propose a two tier reversible data hiding method for 3D objects in the encrypted domain. Based on the homomorphic properties of the Paillier cryptosystem, our proposed method embeds a first tier message in the encrypted domain which can be extracted in either the encrypted domain or the clear domain. Indeed, our method produces a marked 3D object which is visually very similar to the original object. It seeks to be format compliant and to preserve the original size of the data, without the need for an auxiliary file. Moreover, large keys are used, rending our method secure for real life applications.

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Homomorphic Two Tier Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted 3D objects