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Hyperspectral Neutron CT With Material Decomposition

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Thilo Balke, Alexander M. Long, Sven C. Vogel, Brendt Wohlberg, Charles A. Bouman
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Thilo Balke
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28 September 2021 - 3:10pm
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Thilo Balke
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Energy resolved neutron imaging (ERNI) is an advanced neutron radiography technique capable of non-destructively extracting spatial isotopic information within a given material. Energy-dependent radiography image sequences can be created by utilizing neutron time-of-flight techniques. In combination with uniquely characteristic isotopic neutron crosssection spectra, isotopic areal densities can be determined on a per-pixel basis, thus resulting in a set of areal density images for each isotope present in the sample. By preforming ERNI measurements over several rotational views, an isotope decomposed 3D computed tomograpy is possible. We demonstrate a method involving a robust and automated background estimation based on a linear programming formulation. The extremely high noise due to low count measurements is overcome using a sparse coding approach. It allows for a significant computation time improvement, from weeks to a few hours compared to existing neutron evaluation tools, enabling at the present stage a semi-quantitative, user-friendly routine application.

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