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Identification of Uterine Contractions by An Ensemble of Gaussian Processes

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Cassandra Heiselman, J. Gerald Quirk, Petar M. Djurić
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Liu Yang
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25 June 2021 - 4:29pm
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Presentation Slides
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Liu Yang
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Identifying uterine contractions with the aid of machine learning methods is necessary vis-á-vis their use in combination with fetal heart rates and other clinical data for the assessment of a fetus wellbeing. In this paper, we study contraction identification by processing noisy signals due to uterine activities. We propose a complete four-step method where we address the imbalanced classification problem with an ensemble Gaussian process classifier, where the Gaussian process latent variable model is used as a decision-maker. The results of both simulation and real data show promising performance compared to existing methods.

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