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Image Fusion and Reconstruction of Compressed Data: A Joint Approach

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Laurent Condat, Florian Cotte, Mauro Dalla Mura
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Daniele Picone
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8 October 2018 - 7:37pm
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Presentation Slides
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Daniele Picone
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In the context of data fusion, pansharpening refers to the combination of a panchromatic (PAN) and a multispectral (MS) image, aimed at generating an image that features both the high spatial resolution of the former and high spectral diversity of the latter.
In this work we present a model to jointly solve the problem of data fusion and reconstruction of a compressed image; the latter is envisioned to be generated solely with optical on-board instruments, and stored in place of the original sources.
The burden of data downlink is hence significantly reduced at the expense of a more laborious analysis done at the ground segment to estimate the missing information.
The reconstruction algorithm estimates the targetsharpened image directly instead of decompressing the original sources beforehand; a viable and practical novel solution is also introduced to show the effectiveness of the approach.

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