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Super-Resolution for Imagery Enhancement Using Variational Quantum Eigensolver

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Ystallonne Alves
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14 November 2019 - 4:13pm
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Presentation Slides
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Ystallonne C. S. Alves
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Super-Resolution (SR) is a technique that has been exhaustively exploited and incorporates strategic aspects to image processing. As quantum computers gradually evolve and provide unconditional proof of computational advantage at solving intractable problems over their classical counterparts, quantum computing emerges with the compelling prospect to offer exponential speedup to process computationally expensive operations, such as the ones verified in SR imaging. Envisioning the design of a quantum-ready method for near-term noisy devices and igniting Rapid and Accurate Image Super Resolution (RAISR), an implementation using Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) is demonstrated. This study proposes an approach that combines the benefits of RAISR, a non hallucinating and computationally efficient method, and VQE, a hybrid classical-quantum algorithm, to conduct SR with the support of quantum computation, preserving quantitative performance in terms of Image Quality Assessment (IQA).

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