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This is an overview poster on recent research of investigating malicious attacks against power transmission systems with the assumption that attacks can happen on substations and transmission lines.

For more information, please check out the publication at IEEE Xplore:

Yihai Zhu, Jun Yan, Yufei Tang, Yan Lindsay Sun and Haibo He, "Coordinated attacks against substations and transmission lines in power grids," 2014 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM, pp.655-661, Dec. 8-12, 2014.


This paper introduces a new visualization platform
for investigating cascading failures in power grids. The proposed
visualization platform could let people “watch” the cascading behavior
under different initial triggers, and help them understand
how a failure propagates from one or more local substations to
the whole power grid. In this study, the ArcMap is adopted to take
charge of visualizing a power grid network and the user interface.
All scripts to support this platform, e.g. constructing a power grid


This is an overview poster on recent research of using power frequency signatures to determine/verify the time, location and integrity of audio-visual recordings and other sensing data.

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