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Computing Matching Statistics on Wheeler DFAs

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Alessio Conte, Nicola Cotumaccio, Travis Gagie, Giovanni Manzini, Nicola Prezza, Marinella Sciortino
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Nicola Cotumaccio
Last updated:
14 March 2023 - 1:37pm
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Presentation Slides
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Nicola Cotumaccio

Matching statistics were introduced to solve the approximate string matching problem, which is a recurrent subroutine in bioinformatics applications. In 2010, Ohlebusch et al. [SPIRE 2010] proposed a time and space efficient algorithm for computing matching statistics which relies on some components of a compressed suffix tree - notably, the longest common prefix (LCP) array.
In this paper, we show how their algorithm can be generalized from strings to Wheeler deterministic finite automata. Most importantly, we introduce a notion of LCP array for Wheeler automata, thus establishing a first clear step towards extending (compressed) suffix tree functionalities to labeled graphs.

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