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This paper proposes BODYFITR, a fully automatic method to fit a human body model to static 3D scans with complex poses. Automatic and reliable 3D human body fitting is necessary for many applications related to healthcare, digital ergonomics, avatar creation and security, especially in industrial contexts for large-scale product design. Existing works either make prior assumptions on the pose, require manual annotation of the data or have difficulty handling complex poses.


We consider the problem of aligning multiview scans obtained using
a range scanner. The computational pipeline for this problem can be
divided into two phases: (i) finding point-to-point correspondences
between overlapping scans, and (ii) registration of the scans based
on the found correspondences. The focus of this work is on global
registration in which the scans (modeled as point clouds) are required
to be jointly registered in a common reference frame. We consider
an optimization framework for global registration that is based on